17 years experience in designing, leading and managing User Experience Design, User Research & Front-end Development of Desktop, Web, Web 2.0, Cloud and Mobile (Android, iPhone & Blackberry) products.

Presently working as Technical Leader- User Experience, as part of the Collaboration Technology Group, at Cisco Systems, Bangalore

Prior to this role, Muthu managed a team of Interaction Designers, Visual Designers & Front End Ui Developers at Cisco WebEx

Prior to Cisco Systems, Muthu worked with organizations such as Sun Microsystems, Honeywell, Satyam Infoway etc.,


  • Bachelor of Science (Visual Communication), Loyola College, ’96
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing), ’04

User Experience & design driven Product Innovation

Expertise in evangelizing & implementing user-centered design strategies, processes & participatory design methodologies, both within and across organizations

  • Researched, probed & gathered user requirements through user & stakeholder interviews and surveys.
  • Reviewed, analyzed and mapped business requirements to design-strategies through competitive analysis, prototype-design, validation and iteration.
  • Designed object models, task flow & process flow maps, wire frames, visual design & conducted UI assurance.
  • Planned, facilitated, data-logged usability-lab tests with end-users and proposed design recommendations based on test findings.
  • Proven experience in building, mentoring and leading cross functional UX design & Front-end Development teams

Product & Process Management

  • Thorough exposure to Six Sigma, Velocity, Agile/Lean processes, Metrics based management etc.,
  • Persuasively negotiated and influenced product vision, strategy and requirements by collaborating with cross-functional teams including developers, product managers, business analysts & clients.
  • Exposure to a variety of domains like Online Business Collaboration, Enterprise Servers, Aerospace, Automation & Control Systems, Building Security Solutions, Engineering IT, B2C & B2B, Portals, Online Advertising etc.,
  • Exposure to designing client-sided scripting components and widgets for Rich/ Web 2.0 Applications using front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS3, DOM, JavaScript, Android & iPhone SDK & AJAX
  • Designed “single page interfaces” using UI Libraries like YUI, ExtJS et al



    Muthu giving a live-demo on building a Web 2.0  Layouts using YUI at dCamp Bangalore

  • Designing Web 2.0 Layouts & Widgets
    using XHTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript and Yahoo UI Library
    Dcamp Bangalore | Yahoo’s Campus, Sept ’07
  • User Centered Design
    BarCamp Bangalore 1 | Yahoo’s Campus, Apr ’06
  • User Centered Design
    BarCamp Chennai 1 | Anna University Campus, Apr ’06
  • UCD & Usability Testing
    World Usability Day | Anna University, Chennai, Nov ’05


M : 9845913990
E : muthuonline at gmail (dot) com

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  1. Hi Muthu!
    Wondering if you have a couple of minutes to advise? I did B.Arch and jumped around in all kinds of fields from Headhuntign to financial consulting. Interaction design has really caught my interest and am really keen on developing it into a career. I’m 30 and would rather not study full time (NID/IIT are the only ones offering this in India!?).
    so here’s what i wanted to ask – How do I go about this? I dont know anyone in the tech sector and would greatly appreciate your help.


  2. Hi Muthu,

    Hope this mail finds u in Good health & cheers.
    I am a Headhunter, working for MNCs & CMM Level 5 Companies.
    Need Reference Help from ur Side for my Recruitment.
    I would like to discuss about some onsite Opportunities.

    Would be Helpful if u could give me ur Contact Number say r Mobile or Res Any.

  3. Hey Muthu
    We met yesterday at WUD. Interesting blog. maybe I should get around to getting one too. what tools are you using? I’ve heard but do not quite understand the terms, mambo and joomla or some such. Who are you hosting with?


  4. Hi muthu,

    We meet in WUD yesterday. Interesting information, some fonts and are big in the left side navigation.

    shiva :)

  5. hi dear!
    how r u?
    This is sasi from chennai I created one blog which is i write above but i am not able to write tamil font and design so please help me to create better web of tamil kavithai.
    so my dear I am non tech so please send me details about u also! thanks

  6. This is Senthil Raja from Andaman I created one blog which is i write above but i am not able to write tamil font and design so please help me to create better web of tamil kavithai.
    please send me details about u also! thanks

  7. Hi,
    I am a graphics designer and need some of your guidance.
    Can you please guide me?


  8. Hi,

    I’m a freelance writer – would like to write to you for an input for an article on Usability I am doing for i.t. magazine (www.itmagz.com)

    I am a regular writer for this magazine with my own column- eVoice.

    However, the Usability piece will be a feature.

    Please reply by email so that I can connect.


    Charu Bahri

  9. Hello sir.

    I just searched for, how to make tamil Unicode’s for Joomla CMS, could you please help me with some informations? I dont know anything about this matter, so i dont know where to begin, and how to make it done… Could you help? Im adminstrator on http://www.vaanam.dk and want to have tamil fonts for my website, it would help the users on my website to write comments in tamil, and ect. Thanks a lot… :) Pradaph

  10. வணக்கம் முத்து, நான் குவைத்தில் இருக்கிறேன். பன்னிரெண்டு வருட கிராபிக்ஸ் டிசைனர் அனுபவம். நான் தேவையென்றால் கால் பண்ணவும்

  11. hi senthil sasi!!!

    i came across this site recently … it is extremely useful in writing tamil material over net.
    it is called quillpad,
    you can access it at http://quillpad.in/tamil
    not much techo is needed , you must know to speak thats enough

    have fun !!!! bye!!!

  12. Hi Muthu

    This is Selvasekhar(chennai) Web Designer, 2+ year experence, i want suggestion for programming side, i would like very interesting in php. Can Give any suggestion & send me php tutorial site.

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