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Across the Great Ganges! At Rishikesh

Yup. I did it.
I finally got to see the the great Ganges. It was 5 AM when we reached Rishikesh. It wasss fffreeziiinngg despite the fact that i wore 4 layers of warm clothes. A hot cuppa cawfee is what we all need then. Rishikesh is fulla Shiva lingas & Sadhus clad in saffron clothes. One can spot a lotta tourists in quest of their Spiritual Self here. There are plenty of rafting and parasailing, hanglidiing hotspots around here too.

The Ganges flows through Rishikesh and is surrounded by a lotta huge mountains. Rishikesh is mentioned in Ramayana. Apparently Ram and Lakshman did penance to wipe out some sin they had commited my mistake. Lakshman did Tapasya here at Rishkesh. According to Hinduism, The Ganges, wify of Shiva, lives on Shiva’s head. May be that’s why the himalayas were reffered to as the Shivaliks. The river is very sacred to the Hindus. I walked across the bridge across ganges and the view was breathtaking.There’s somethin about this great river. The force was strong. My jedi senses could pick up vibrations… aum……

We checked out all the must see place, had breakfast at Chotiwalas and then went to Haridwar.

Haridwar. The Ganges was flowin with full vigour. I was hanging on to a support & took 3 dips in this Holy river. It was chilly and i felt good & refreshed … According to Hinduism, 3 dips in Ganges ll wash away all the sins one has committed across all previous ‘janmas’. Called up my friends and folks after the bath and they all wanted me to tak 6 more dips to wipe out all my sins…. so mean 😐

Then we went up a hill through a winch’ to MataDevi Temple. The view from here was awesome…….. One could see the river bend through misty horizon… I watched the river flow from top and spent some time losin my self to the moment…

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