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Statutory Warning: Reading Blogs can be injurious to your IQ!

So you blog? You think blogs are “awesome”?

Blogs are interactive! Blogs help you make friends world over.
Blogs help in faster information dissemination & retrieval.
Blogs facilitate open communication. Blogs can be effectively used as an “online advertising tool” targeting specific communities/audiences.

Well, i do agree that blogs are beneficial in certain ways. My ‘usability blog’ even helped me get a new job!

But then, there could be bugs…..

Here’s an example.

A choice has to be collectively made on a blog where the “comments” are kept open.
Couple of recommendations is made by 2 different members of the online community.
The third person recommends his choice, PURELY based on the recommendation made by the first person. Similarly the fourth person recommends the option chosen by the third.
If this continues, then there could be a possibility where a majority of ’em will end up making the wrong choice!

The results might work differently in blogs, where the user comments are seen only by the blog owner.

So the next time you read a blog, dont believe all that you read!

This is one of the major drawbacks of information cascading.

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