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Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluation

– a group of experts independently scrutinize the interface and evaluate each element of the interface against a list of commonly accepted standards/ usability principles–heuristics
– heuristic evaluation is used when there isn’t any access to users.
– can be used to evaluate prototypes/ mockups in the early stages of product design lifecycle

– 3 to 5 experts will be able to detect more than 75% of the problems
– different experts will find different problems
– its inexpensive

– its crucial to recruit properly trained & qualified experts
– this technique is subjective and might raise false alarms

– revaluation training : domain knowledge inputs and scenarios can be given to the experts
– evaluation is done independently and findings are compared
– severity of every problem is assigned. problems are prioritized
– the evaluation report is discussed with the ui team members.

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