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Rich Internet Applications, RIAs anyone?

Rich Internet Applications, RIAs, are “in”. says Marcomedia.

Web Architecture has its limitations and cannot cope with the rising expectation of Users, Designer/ Developer freedom/ flexibility, partner needs etc.,
Apparently using HMTL pages & browsers to connect with the servers has limitations in terms of flexibility and functionality!!!???). If one were to study the history of UI design in the growth from Mainframes to Web Browsers, Macromedia claims that Web Browsers have taken a step backwards, when it comes to flexibility and functionality!!!

Desktop application features like “Drag & Drop”, “Undo?” are not present in HTML browsers.

With Rich Internet Applications, one can deliver application front-ends that combine desktop software functionality with the broad reach and low cost deployment of the web! And there-by enhance ” User Experience”!!!! RIAs offer the best of web & desk top application functionalities ( dran n drop, advanced audio, video, chat interactivity, and so on & so forth)

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