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Mobile User Interface Functionality : User Privacy

Mobile users in India would really appreciate an “Invisible Mode” functionality, if it were be offered by the mobile service provider for their existing handsets.

Read the following user requirement statements:
– I want my privacy.
– I want to avoid picking up certain calls.
– I don’t want all the callers to know that i woulda/coulda seen their “missed calls”
– I don’t want SMS delivery report sent to the sender, because they would expect a reply.
– I don’t want to buy a new mobile just for this feature.
– I want the mobile service provider to provide this facility.

Once the mobile phone is switched to “Invisible mode”, the following will happen:

– All callers will get a standard voice message “The mobile you are trying to reach is currently switched off”
– The caller can either send an SMS or leave a “Voice Mail”
– The caller won’t expect the User to callback, because, according to him, his ‘missed call’ wouldn’t have been recorded.
– Even when the User reads a particular SMS, “delivery confirmation message” will not be messaged to the Sender/Caller.
– The User, on his own volition can pick any incoming call or read any SMS.

To avail this functionality, the user can simply type in a pre-defined word and message it to a 4 digit no. to Log-in to the invisible mode.

Hope Aitell, Hutch, Idea are listening?

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