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IHCI 2004 Conference in Bangalore

The following key speakers were present at the conference.

• Liam Bannon, University of Limerick, Ireland [liam.bannon at]
• David Benyon, Napier University, UK [D.Benyon at]
• Jan Gulliksen, Uppsala University, Sweden [jan.gulliksen at]
• Anirudha Joshi, IIT Bombay (Co-chair) [anirudha at]
• Sanjay Prasad, eServe Intl. (eserve.sanjay.prasad at
• Andy Smith, Thames Valley University, UK (Co-chair)
• John Karat, Research Staff Member at IBM’s T J Watson Research Center, New York
• Chair, Iqbal Ahmed, IESUP (richmond_65 at
• Eric Schaffer and Apala from Human Factors International.

I happened to interact with Liam Bannon. Met up with some old friends and UI designers, Usability Engineers from Infosys, SAP, Covansys Bangalore, Oracle Hyderabad, etc., Usability professionals from HP Labs, Siemens, BHEL, HCL Techonologies, Siemens, MTB, Honeywell, ConvergeSys, Veritas , Indian Army and students from IIT, NID were present too.

The conference enabled me to take a glimpse at the UCD processes followed at Mphasis, Cordys, SAP etc.,

Jan’s presentation on Usability in Sweden, dealt with the evolution of Usability in Sweden.

John Karat explained the User Research methodology followed at IBM, through an example.

As usual, Eric’s brilliant and funny presentation on “Mature Usability Operations from India“, stole the show!

The turnout was about 125-150. The HCI community in India is steadying growing. Hopefully, there will be more crowd in next years IHCI 2005! Phew! It was one loooong and interesting day!

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