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Weekend Getaway! Savan Durga Hills, 70 Kms from Bangalore

EMF” Over Dose

For all those who are “bestowed” upon working with computers all day long, I empathize with you. Those long exposure s to Electro Magnetic Forces, do have an effect on the your mental and physical health. A quick escape number to a green spot could rejuvenate you and neutralize the EMF effect.

Earlier this year i vowed to visit one NEW PLACE /MONTH. It needn’t be a long and expensive getaway. Even a 1 day trek will do.
Out there in the perimeters, there are no stars...

In Jan 2005, i did manage to climb Savan Durga Hills. Its about 60-70 Kms away from Bangalore. This is more like a rock climbing trip. It took us more than 2 hours to climb up and an hour for the descent. Lokesh ( a fella designer, regular trekker and burd photographer) and me rode down to this place. There’s a Nandi temple on top. There are coupla risky spots to watch out. On route we also visited the BIG Banyan Tree and a Damn which supplies water to Bangalore city.

However, in Feb 2005, i could only manage to visit Chennai twice ( Thanks to my MBA exams). BTW, these trips are apart from my religious Bi-Monthly trip to Chennai. ( Home is where the SweetHeart is 😉

Read my first attempt at writing a travelogue . This was written in June 2001. Those were the days when we used Dreamweaver to create customized web pages to publish web content. Web publishing has really changed since then.

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