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Citibank’s Virtual KeyPad Login : Observations and Recommendations

Citibank has introduced a Virtual keypad to their Login page Via Lalith

Citibank's Virtual Keypad Login : Review

The “Virtual Key Pad” functionality has “Load Time” issues:
It takes a while for the keys to become “ clickable”. As a User, I tried to clicking on a alphabet but NOTHING happened. This creates Disharmony.

The Interface needs to display a “ Loading…” message and must communicate the fact that the System is ready for User Input. Till that time, the keys can be grayed out or appear “ un-clickable”

While the QWERTY keyboard pattern is retained from the exiting Physical Keyword, the location of the Numeric Keys is randomized. As a User I expect to numbers arranged in a logical order and not randomized. (I am still thinking about this from a Security point of view)

The “Backspace/ Back” button is displayed differently from the alpha-numeric keys and placed above the keypad.

Visual Feedback/ Affordance:
The Virtual Keypad can have a Mouse over effect. This gives a additional visual confirmation of an “alphabet selection”. The Keypad can also have a 3d effect (push button”)

Further, the entire square/rectangle shaped key is not mapped to be clicked. This again creates Disharmony. As a user I expect the entire key area to be “clickable”

Why do i need an IPIN and then a QPIN? Then there’s a TPIN? Citibanks gotta work on a Single PIN concept.

Citibank has given more importance to Security than Usability.

Update : Just finished making a presentation on Touch Screen Design Guidelines. Instead of using QWERTY keypad, its better to arrange alphabets aphabetically into 3 rows. When it come to numeric keys, its better to arrange when in “telephone” format ( digit 1 being on the upper left). Read More on Touch Screen Interfaces >>

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