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“Evam Indrajit” Play

“What’s ahead of us, is behind us”

Update: : Well, overall the play was conceptually strong and executed very well.

However, it was lil ” heavy” for a Sunday evening though. It wasnt a comedy, though there were some ‘comic reliefs.

The story is about a writer who doesnt start writing his play, because its beginning and end are just the same! The way i see it, it’s all about the Circle of Life. The Set Design had lotsa concentric green circles against a black background. It kinda went well this story’s core concept. So were the voice-overs.

The writer stands in between the rails. When he looks forward, he sees a vanishing point. When he looks behind, he still sees a vanishing point. As he moves foward, the vanishing point too moves forward.

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– – –

Goin for this play this evening at RangaShankara. While picking up the tickets, met Vidyut, who is acting in the play. Lets see how the play goes…

I quite liked one of Evam’s previous plays called The Art. And offcourse, Evam‘s website could use some usability!

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