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Rowing Finals 2005 at the Madras Boat Club:

Ah! What an Occasion!

Video :

Every year, I try and religiously make it to Madras Boat Club to watch the rowing finals. Met up with David, Bala, Ravi Indian, Shock Ravi, Nikhil, Kounty, Sandy, Dougals, Ranga, Gayathri, Ajit, Kribs, Wasim, Sathish & others.

It took a while for the crowd to gather JOSH initially, but just before the last few races, one could notice the crowd cheering big time!

Madras Boat Club Rowing Finals : 2005!

Well, Sify rowing team created a club record by winning the overall championships for the 5th time in a row!

E-Learning companies like LionBridge and ElementK did put up a good fight while agency O&M didn’t score much. Think JWT India women’s pairs retained their title.

Some of the Rowing T-Shirt Lines I noticed were
“ Kiss My Oar”
“ Give me a Power 10” etc

Until same time next year, its easy oars…

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