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Vodkathon at Shiok

It was about 9.30 pm when i walked into Shiok, Indira Nagar with a big water melon, when i was welcomed by these cheery bunch of slightly tipsy ( understatement?) vodka lovers. Sathish, Chenthil, Shyam, Prabhu, Newton were already in high spirits, thanks to Chef Madman’s exotic recommendations.

Later, Madhu asked me to witness “the dessert” ( water melon) gettin soaked & treated with vodka and with a variety of other coloful add-ons. Its a pity that i had to leave without relishin’ it.

Prabhu was in the process of updating his blog by connecting his Nokia N70 to his Dell laptop. Soon, Anita, Geetha, Boony, Murali and coupla other blokes joing the party. Got to chat with Chandrachooyee on gmail.

The staff at Shiok were very eager to attend to everyone’s needs. The snacks were awesome. The drinks ( mine were non- alchoholic : lime + pineapple juice with peach schnaps) were exotic. The crowd was goofy and fun-loving. The bar was dim lit with soothing interiors. Finally paid 300 bucks and hit the roads.

In short had a GREAT TIME and in the process got my leg pulled royally by these jokers 🙂



Watched Aeon Flux. Okie dokie movie.
Was expecting lotsa sci-fi stuff, but surprisingly there weren’t so many.
Charliez Theron was the only consolation 🙂

Also watched Charlie’s Angels 2 again. Lazed out at Barista & Landmark zzz

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