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Bangalore to Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur is about 250 kms from Bangalore.

The 5 of us, Rahul, Surbi, Niteesh, Murali and me, left Bangalore on Saturday early morning by 4.30 am. After taking numerous tea breaks in-between, we checked-into Cosmopolitan Club by 9.30 am. It poured Cats and Dogs and was super cold. The drive was however awesome. Niteesh played some good mujik on route.

Manjirabad fort. : Post coffee, we landed at Tippu Sultan’s Manjirabad fort. This star-shaped fort has plenty of dungeons and couple of secret tunnels which go all the way to Mysore and Channarayapatna. Also noticed a beautiful mix of Hindu and Islamic Art in the fort’s design.

Attempt to Murder

Bheemeshwara Estates : Sun was playing hide n seek with us. We realized that we could NOT actually do the abandoned railway trek. Sigh 🙁

The least we could do was to get close to the bridge, over which we were supposed to trek. Murali, who always manages to close deals with the localities, got us into a narrow path off the Highway, which lead us close to the bottom of the Bridge. We heard the sound of water gushing through the rocks. There was a Shiva temple at the end, beyond which we were advised not to go. This was supposedly a Point-of- No-Return.

And then, we lazed out, order snacks, drank tea and watched Soccer. The next day we got outta Sakleshpur and drove down to Hassan for some yummy lunch.

Shravanabelgola : Post lunch we drove to Shravanabelgola. The architecture and craftsmanship at this Jain temple didnt appeal much to me. One of the of the tallest monoliths in the world, built in 981 A.D (Bahubali) was yellow in color. The turmeric smell was pretty strong. It kinda drizzled on and off during our, climb up the steep VindhyaGiri hill.

At Shravanabelgola

After we climbed down, Murali managed to get someone cook some hot yummy Puliyogare! 🙂 And then we drove back home.
Lazy trip. Lousy Soccer match. Awesome drive. Not a bad weekend at all… BTW food sucks in all the hotels in Sakleshpur. Guess we ll someday trek on that railway track…. Here are some firt-cut photos. More photos will be uploaded soon…

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