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Bangalore to Chennai

Reached my all time high speed, 160 Km/hr

Its been a while since i went for a long-drive. Made an impulsive decision to take off to Chennai by road to spend time with my folks on the occassion of Tamil New Years day and Vishu.

Left Bangalore at 6:45 am on Saturday, clocked 345 kms under 5 hours to Chennai.

Hosur : At 7:45 am stopped over at Saravana Bhavan for some yummy Pongal and Vada. Even though this is not the original Saravana Bhavan, the breakfast here was pretty yummy. I usually stop over here, on route to Chennai. The real highway began from there and so i stepped on the gas and hit my all time high speed at 160Kms/hours and managed to maintain this kinda speed for a while. Not bad for a Santro eh?

Ambur: Ambur is well know for its mouthwatering legpiecious Briyani. I never had one there though. Now Ambur is a kinda place one needs to watch out for. You’d notice bikes coming head-on to you. So i tend to slowdown and let ’em pass by. People, often cattle cross the road, out of the blue. I was telling Ramya that a Qualis that zoomed past us like a bullet, was heading for trouble and it did. And then there was this Ford car which overtook us near Ambur. I again told Ramya that it was heading for trouble and we did notice this one parked a few Kms down the road a lil battered with dents. Next i saw another car, but this time kept my mouth shut.

Another Qualis started swinging right, left and centre, but the driver kinda manouvered it really well and ensured that it did hit the median. We later realized that it suffered a puncture at high speeds.

Kanchipuram : Impulsively took a diversion at Kanchipuram, in order to reach South Chennai a lil quickly. Turned out to be a bad decision. Realized that the Kanchipuram road was way to narrow (could do only 60Kms/hour) and so found a way back to the highway. I always thought that i had a spiritual connection with the Kanchipuram city… ( In my previous janmaa/avataaram, i was one of the kings who build very many temples in Kanchipuram, including the one displayed below)

Did you know that there are 4 toll gates on route to Chennai and the 5th one is coming up soon?
To be continued >>

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