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Pune Day 3

Eating Out : If you are in Pune and are looking for some yummy lunch, then i highly recommend Vegetarian Rajasthani Thali at Sukanta restaurant. And if you are looking for some authentic Tamilian Sambhar with Idly and 100’s of different types of Dosa, then try ’em at Dosa Plaza.

Some of the other cool things that we consumed were Mustani, Wada Pav, Kokam Juice, Aam Ras, Poori+Shrikand and Poha. We also picked up a box full of juicy Ratnagiri(?) Aphonso Mangoes, on the way back to the airport.

Places we visited :
Ram and me biked up to National Defence Academy, on his new Thunderbird.

Ramana and gang drove us to Kadak Vasala, where we watched a beautiful sunset.

The IndiGo airlines staff badly need training on how to handle passengers queries. By default, Customer Experience in India sucks and IndiGo Airlines is a perfect example for that.

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  1. Ramana May 4, 2007
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