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Confusion with Digitszz and Decimelszz

It was a late afternoon on a holiday in Pune. After hogging some yummy Rajasthani Thali and a restful Siesta , I realized that it was time to pay up my credit card bills. And so, i fired up a laptop and logged on to to payup my credit card bills online.

After transfering the monies, i went back to the homepage, only to notice that my bank balance was marked in red color and was running in negative. Instead of 18k, I ended up transfering a lakh and 80k! Didnt even realize my folly when “180000.00” displayed for review on the review/confirmation page. The rest of the money was transfered from my “Ready Credit” Account.

Recommendation : Well, i am not going to blame Citibank for this (They were nice enough to get this fixed quickly) or rant over the absence of “UNDO” button. Its my fault. I outta be careful while transferring money online.

However, what i recommend to the folks at Citibank is that, the amount entered as numerals (in the prev page) can also be displayed as text and highlighted, on the confimation/review page to further prevent errors.

180000 – One Lakh and Eighty Eighteen Thousand Rupees only

Just like how we also write the amount textually on cheque leaves in the Real World.

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