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AHAH = Asynchronous HTML and HTTP is a subset of AJAX without the X(XML)

  • Update web pages dynamically using JavaScript and XHTML, instead of XML.
  • Like in AJAX, use XMLHTTP to raise a Request.
  • The state-change of the request when the Response is received is directly passed on to a Function.
  • The response is directly fed into the intended target element (Div) of the document using the innerHTML attribute of elements.
  • Unlike AJAX, the response is not parsed at the client side.
  • Technically, its a subset of AJAX without the X (XML)
  • Works when you dont change the content structure of the XMLHTTP response.
  • Doesn’t work when you call HTML files with external .css and .js files.
  • Code is very simple (about 20 lines)
  • Was first used couple of years ago.

Sample Code to send a AHAH Request

Sample Code to receive a AHAH Request


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