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Bangalore UX Community Meet

Last evening, about 45 participants had a good time attending an exciting interactive session on “Creativity and design thinking for achieving breakthrough innovations” by Murli Nagasundaram

Murli used Porsche and i-Pod examples to illustrate how user experiences are conceived in a wholistic manner to appeal to user’s multiple senses and address user’s multiple needs. He also explained the importance of delaying evaluation/judgment of ideas during the early/ideation stage to come up with break through innovation, instead of just incremental innovation.

Later, participants were split into groups of 5 and were given an exercise to ideate and come up with multiple ways to solve a selected problem and then finally evaluate and present solutions.

His session reminded me of a book i read a long time back called ” The Fourth Eye” written by Pradeep, an IIM prof. According to Pradeep, creative problem solving happens in a series of steps, (not necessarily in the same order given below)

  • Basic Ground work
  • Ideation
  • Incubation
  • Inspiration
  • Fine-Tuning and Implementation

The design thinking process involves using a combination of logical and lateral thinking.

The other interesting fact about the participants is that 80% of the participants never attended any of the previous upa, barcamp or dcamp meets, which is good news because one gets to interact and exchange ideas with new people. Also met up the usual suspects like Param, Rahul, Suresh JV, Shan et all.

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