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Unlocked Apple iPhone

Just unlocked my brand new Apple iPhone with a firmware version of 1.1.4

Unlocking iPhone for FREE:

  1. Downloaded and installed the free unlocking software Ziphone version 3.0 (30th of March 2008), from
  2. Connected iPhone to my laptop
  3. Disabled iTunes and related daemons & services.
  4. Uninstalled Apple update program/li>
  5. Ran ZiPhoneGUI.exe software and clicked on "Do it all" button
    (This would jailbreak, activate and unlock iPhone. It will also downgrade the bootloader if it's v4.6.)
  6. Scrolling Text appeared on the iPhone and after 10 minutes, the system hung!
    Last known system response was "Loading zibri.dat."
    1. Clicked on "Stop Process" and then clicked on" Do it all" button. Still nothing happened
    2. Disconnected the iPhone from the laptop and still it wouldn't shutdown.
    3. I rebooted my system still nothing happenned.
    4. Read the Trouble Shooting document and PANICKED even more.
  8. Venky, my friendly neighbourhood AJAX expert offered to help and connected the iPhone to a Mac. Nothing happenned.
  9. Then we figured how to restart the iPhone by holding the "Home" button and "Sleep" button together for 7 seconds!
  10. iPhone got rebooted. All systems functioned normally!
  11. Removed the SIM card holder using a paper clip and inserted my "Airtel" Sim card. And lo!, ZiPhone really unlocked my iPhone! :)


iPhone Unlock Demo on YouTube ZiPhone 2.5


ZiPhone GUI


Some initial observations

  1. Very impressed with the iPhone's package design.
  2. Displaying progress indicator on Safari's address bar is a cool idea.
  3. Thanks to the Accelerometer, browsing websites, reading blogs, viewing photos, YouTube videos, maps on a mobile never felt so good!
  4. Kept looking for a "close icon" for all the apps. Took a while to get used to the "Home" button
  5. It was a smooth experience flipping through photos, zooming into a blog et all
  6. On-screen keypad was initially a lil' difficult to use. Ended-up pressing the wrong keys
  • To be continued...
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